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Time To Modernize Your Outdoor Patio Furniture!


People are more and more embracing the idea of outdoor “living areas”. They want the same comfort and convenience from their patios and decks as they do from their living rooms. Expanding your living space beyond the patio screen doors not only extend the square footage of your home, but also bring the outdoors to the inside of your residence. Outdoor furniture is now beyond the traditional rattan wicker pieces - people are looking for a modern and contemporary look that will add style to their outdoor spaces.


At Lectus Design our luxurious furniture pieces are created with you, the customer, in mind. We have hundreds of options for you to choose from. From chaise lounges, daybeds and sofas, we offer a wide range of furniture, as well as different fabrics and colors to suit your exact needs.

Manufactured In Orlando FL!


Here at Lectus Furniture, we are custom furniture makers who create and craft pieces that are elegantly designed for inside and outside your home. Our products are handmade by our passionate artisans with precise attention and focus to meet the exact standards and expectations of our customers.

All of our products, whether they’re designer chairs or luxury sofas, are made with the choicest raw materials, including unique fibers that are specially made for the outdoors. Each product is created with exceptional craftsmanship using the latest technology and the highest of standards that only the best custom furniture makers can provide.

Sofa sets, lounge chairs, loveseats, dining sets, chaise lounges and coffee tables, no matter the size of your outdoor space, investing in high quality outdoor furniture is extremely important.


At Lectus Furniture we allow our customers to personalize and customize each and every piece. From synthetic fibers to different weaving styles, our customers have several options to choose from.

We understand that navigating through all these options can be overwhelming from concept to completion, our designing team is ready to guide you through the process and help you select the ideal combinations of colors, textures and designs for your outdoor living area.

Programs available:



Stocking Dealer


Opening Order:

Designer: No opening order minimum

Wholesale: $1000

Stocking Dealer: $5000


Freight: Ships from Orlando Florida



Lead time:

4 to 6 Weeks



US and Latin America


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